Our Mission

The mission of Lighthouse Christian Academy is to challenge minds and nurture hearts God’s way.

Our History

The Lake Worth United Methodist Church Day School was founded in 1977 as a part of the church’s community missions program. Through the school, the church intended to minister to the needs of children in our community with a Two-Day, Three-Day, or Five-Day program, as well as a full time Kindergarten program. In January, 2000, the school was incorporated under the name of Eagle Mountain Lighthouse Christian Academy, dba, Lighthouse Christian Academy. In January 2006, the church, now known as Lighthouse Fellowship, A United Methodist Community of Faith, moved to its current location at 7200 Robertson Road.

Please visit www.lfwired.org for more information about Lighthouse Fellowship Church

Philosophy Statement

LCA exists both to educate our students and to introduce and lead them to Jesus Christ and His truths as revealed in the Bible. A solid, academic preparation is critical to our students’ future success. Of even greater importance is to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. In support of these to purposes, LCA provides a strong academic program as we integrate the Bible’s teachings into every aspect of our core curriculum.

By partnering with parents and with Lighthouse Fellowship Church, LCA emphasizes the importance of a lifestyle based on Christian values. It is our goal that through these partnerships, our strong academic program, and the teaching of Christian values, our students will be prepared for lifelong service to humanity as the central means of serving God.

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