Our Curriculum

At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we utilize the Phase Foundation curriculum. The idea is simply this: there are approximately 260 weeks from the time a child is born until that child goes to kindergarten. In this phase of life, babies and toddlers are constantly changing. And yet, we believe there is immeasurable potential tucked away in these early years of a person’s life.

That’s when we began the journey to reclaim the phrase, “It’s just a phase.” Rather than implying that each phase is a time we must simply endure, we wanted to suggest something different: every phase is a timeframe when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence a kid’s future.

We need children not only to be healthy and smart, but for them to be kind, happy, and brave. So we focus on family, feelings, and friends through book readings, role playing, and small group activities. We emphasize a different character quality like Initiative and Determination each month. Research shows these soft skills are necessary for a successful life, so we begin when this kind of reasoning is first developing at 18 months old and we intentionally add more opportunities at each phase to create a strong ability to connect with others and to be a positive part of a community.

The Whole Child Approach

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